BCS Energy Services

Steven M. Burr is a founding partner of BCS Energy Services, an oil and gas reserve evaluation and petroleum engineering consulting firm located in Dallas, Texas. BCS Energy Services provides a wide-range of oil and gas consulting services including reserve evaluations and due diligence for acquisitions, divestitures, exploration and development drilling programs, prospect evaluations as well as screening, evaluating and providing independent assessments of oil and gas property purchases, exploration deals, broker dealer project evaluations, cost evaluations, field studies, geological studies, land and leasing programs and geophysical seismic survey projects. Mr. Burr does extensive reserve evaluation work for independent E&P companies, private equity firms, institutional advisory firms and petroleum engineering consulting firms.

Steven M. Burr is also a founding partner of Highland (Texas) Energy Company (“HEC”). He is responsible for business development and new ventures as well as managing the financial, accounting, land, engineering, planning, partner relations and administrative activities of HEC. To date, HEC has invested over $195 million of gross capital on projects generated by HEC drilling over 150 wells finding in excess of 23 million BOE of reserves at $12.28 per BOE with an 85% completion rate. He is instrumental in developing and completing HEC’s acquisition and industry partner transactions.

Prior to joining HEC, Mr. Burr was Vice President-Engineering and Planning with Snyder Oil Corporation in Fort Worth, Texas (“Snyder Oil”) from 1987 until 1999. While at Snyder Oil, his primary responsibilities were to manage an institutional acquisition program (which included all aspects of the acquisition process for identifying, screening, evaluating, due diligence, closing and integration of transactions as well as management and reporting to institutional partners). He continued these responsibilities after Snyder Oil went public in 1990 and was an integral part of all A&D activity including corporate and operating division Mick Law transactions. Following several of Snyder Oil’s significant acquisitions and mergers, Mr. Burr’s additional responsibilities included managing Engineering, Planning, Marketing and Risk Management while running a corporate team that worked between the operating divisions, financial groups, executive management and Board of Directors. This work included strategic planning, E&P project economics and capital allocations, corporate and E&P divisions financial and operating projections, reserve evaluation, marketing, commodity price risk management, reporting for SEC, institutional partners, analysts and coordinating activities with investment and energy bankers on corporate financings and Mick Law activities. He also developed financial and operating performance processes to manage Snyder’s large-scale drilling projects (500+ wells/year) in its key operating divisions (Rockies, Gulf of Mexico, Texas/Louisiana) as well as the integration of its financial and operating systems for its continuous improvement programs to drive operating results.

Prior to Snyder Oil, he was Vice President of Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc., an international petroleum consulting firm in Dallas, Texas (“NSA”) from 1982 through 1987 with primary responsibilities for acquisition and divestiture clients. Prior to joining NSA, he began his career as part of an operating team with Exxon Company, U.S.A., in the Production Department responsible for Offshore Gulf of Mexico reservoir engineering on exploration and development projects. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Tulane University in 1978, attended the Program for Management Development at Harvard Business School in 1992 and is a Registered Professional Petroleum Engineer.